Best Independence Day 2013 Speech

Independence Day 2013 Speech

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Happy Independence Day 2013 Speech

We celebrate Independence Day each year on 15 August and we will do same on this year too. We will celebrate Independence Day 2013 with full joys and happiness. In schools and colleges we have to give a Independence Day 2013 Speech to show our respect and dignity. So today we’ll share Independence Day 2013 Speech for you which you can recite and speak at your Independence Day function of school/college. We hope you will like this Independence Day 2013 Speech.

Independence Day 2013 Speech #1

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Respected Head Mam, teachers and my friends, I wish you a happy independence day.

Independence Day means a day when we had got freedom from not only our brute rulers but freedom from want from fulfillment of right needs.

India was under the British rule for 3-4 centuries. It was in 1857 India started it’s independence struggle forcefully through a revolt named “The Great Revolt” against the British.


Mahatma Gandhi was the spine and brain behind the Indian independence struggle and finally her Independence. “Non-violence” or “Ahimsa” against the cannons and rifles of the so called “MIGHTY” British. His words of wisdom were followed by almost every Indian of that age to follow non-violence and struggle with perseverance and the British finally manumitted India from it’s bondage. India’s independence struggle is a huge epic on it’s own.

“NON VIOLENCE” was the weapon used to free India. That’s why India even today doesn’t want resort to force or war unless there is some menace to the security/integrity of Indian unity. India gained independence after nearly 200 years of British rule on 15 August 1947 and Indian tricolor flag was unfurled by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, on the ramparts the Red Fort of Delhi Proud to be an Indian. Thank You One and all.  Jai Hind – Happy Independence Day 2013.

Independence Day 2013 Speech #2

Good morning India!

Today on 15th August 2013 India is celebrating its 67th Independence Day, and we Indians are proud to say we have owned our freedom 67 years old back. As we gather here today I take the opportunity to congratulate every student and teacher of this School/college a Happy Independence Day! I also take the opportunity of welcoming you our chief guest for today/

We have assembled here to celebrate our 67th Independence Day. As a citizen of India, I am so proud to talk to you about my mother India. On the night of August 14, 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rose to make a maiden speech in New Delhi, “When the world sleeps, India will wake to life and freedom.” Yes, India became free from the bondage of British rule. Now, India is the largest democratic country in the world. The country’s strength is to find, “Unity in diversity”. But, there are stray incidents that test her secularism but the people of India are ready to sacrifice anything for the cause of unity. Today we remember the great leaders who gave their lives for the nation’s freedom and prosperity. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar gave the longest written constitution to us. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru worked for an industrialized India. Gandhi Ji taught us Ahimsa and Non-violence. Subash Chandra Bose inducted courage in us. Swami Vivekanand gave us spiritual power. Yes, with these contributions; India will be the super power in the coming years. Our former President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam called the children of India to dream to build a strong Nation with aim and perseverance. Indeed! This is not a word of a single man. It is word of one billionsouls.

Jai Hind!

You may choose any of Independence Day 2013 Speech from here and speak it at your independence day function to please your friends and teachers. These are two best Independence Day 2013 Speech.

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